Premium Pods

Our Premium Pods are perfect for anyone who is caught up in the housing crisis in Australia or for anyone who just needs some extra space, if you have some spare land, you can drop in one of our completed Pods and be using it the same day.

What makes our Pod special? The answer is simple they come with everything you could possibly want.

Lets start with Aesthetics, our Pods have been beautifully designed to be attractive in any setting, with a combination of Australian made Colorbond, architectural cladding and lots of glass, they are both functional and beautiful.

They offer unparalleled comfort, being fully insulated from the ground up, every surface, including under the floor is insulated and offers a minimum R1.5 rating. The roof has a minimum R2.1 rating. 

The base of the Pods is a combination of Duragal steel and Colorbond, which make moisture ingress almost impossible. The bases are designed and built to be lifted by a crane into position and moved again if the need ever arrises, so if you move, you can take it with you. 

Electrical, 3 quality power points, 6 down lights ( 4 internal and external ) internal lights may be changed to track lights. Light switches and power points can be upgraded to smart switches, controllable from an app. Weatherproof switchboard that provides the hardwiring, a 15amp Caravan plug for instant connection to power and safety switches. Electrical certificate of compliance. This is the minimum for our smaller 10m2 Pods as the size increases, so does the amount of lights and power points.

Quality Aluminium doors and windows complete with flyscreens are standard.

Hybrid timber flooring in either spotted gum or Blackbutt throughout.

Acoustic timber wall panelling, looks great and the added benefit of reduced noise.

Larger models may include bathrooms and kitchens.

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Floor Plan designs and layouts are endless 

One of the more popular sizes and layouts is the 6m x 3m with bathroom and kitchenette.

Perfect for growing young adults struggling to by a home but still want their independence or an elderly parent who’s ready to downsize and be with the family.

Other uses might be temporary or emergency accommodation, bed and breakfasts, Air bnb’s, caravan parks, farms and more.





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Need a little more privacy? Add a wall

As the pods increase in size, so do your options.

Adding a partition wall or even a full wall with a door can give you a seperate bedroom, office or study etc.



About the company

Larger models create multiple living spaces 

Wether being used for a permanent residence, temporary or emergency accommodation, a bed and breakfasts, an Air bnb, in a caravan park, a granny flat or a farms stay, you will always feel at home in one of these.


This is just a sample of what we have to offer, if you have a vision please get in touch with Xtra Spaces and let us bring that vision to life.