The Benefits Of Our ‘Levelling Boots’ System

Foundation for a successful project – Our adjustable levelling boots give the ability to level off our Modular Pods perfectly and serve as a foundation for a quality finished project.

Quick water drainage – Due to the resulting raised height of our ‘levelling boots’, our ‘levelling boots’ provide the ability to facilitate water drainage underneath the bottom surface of our Modular Pods. 

Perfectly level surface – With our ‘Levelling boots’ system you can easily compensate for slight unevenness, irregularities, and any gradients on the laying surface, creating a perfectly stable and flat surface. 

Entirely recyclable – The ‘Levelling boots’ system is entirely recyclable and is not required to be fixed to the substrate with an adhesive or chemical component. 

Better thermal insulation – The ‘Levelling boots’ system create a void between the subfloor and encourage constant air circulation, extending the life of the waterproofing and improving heat insulation, while protecting the surface from UV degradation. 

Time effective installation – The adjustable nature of our ‘Levelling boots’ makes for time effective installation, while the minimal site preparation required also means lower costs to new build projects creating a saving for our customers as well as better finish. 

Easy access and concealment – The ‘Levelling boots’ system creates a gap between the subfloor and underlying ground, allowing the passage of pipes (such as plumbing and electrical) and allocation of any equipment, while retaining ease of access. 

Low weight – With no requirement for surface preparation, the ‘Levelling boots’ system provides a lightweight solution, with a minimal number of installation products, equating to substantially lower cost for our customers but providing a quality foundation for a Modular Pods. 

The Benefits Of Working With Modular Pod Projects

With Xtra Spaces, the building journey starts by exploring your vision to create the perfect Modular Pod for your lifestyle. The experience with our team is tailored to your personal expectations and designed to ensure we can meet your timing requirements and budget. Along with reinforcing your ideas and preferences so your new Modular Pod can be transformed into a reality. 

Our exclusive process is unique to each building journey, and our emphasis will always be placed towards your personal preferences and maximising the value of your Modular Pod.

Shorter time frames:

Modular Pods provide a significantly faster method for completing a build for customers. Our semi prefab construction method allows concurrent works to occur in the factory and onsite. 

Quality control:

Quality control begins in, and continues on site at all times. Every stage is carefully monitored during its construction phase to ensure what is built for our customers is as per the design they want. 

Architectural design:

A well considered design is critical to a successful projects outcome. Out team ensures the buildings design integrity is maintained while also maximising the benefits of prefabricated construction. 

Sustainable focus:

Our approach minimises environmental impacts and reduces running costs. Our structures don’t rely on traditional building materials, such as timber and brick. We effectively manage our materials and supply chain, and we endeavour to be  environmentally sustainable wherever possible. 

At Xtra Spaces we understand everyones needs may vary. Some people come to us with specific ideas of design and layout, some prefer to start with a blank canvas and workshop their ideas with us. Take a look through our gallery for some examples of custom designed Modular Pods delivered all across Victoria, Melbourne. 

Xtra Spaces Castellation Cladding

Xtra Spaces castellation cladding. Viewed end-on, it looks similar to a series of alternating parapets and indentations you would see on the top of a castle wall (hence the name).

When viewed on a building façade, castellation cladding is made up of parallel spaced battens with a shadow line or recess between each, which gives the façade an attractive multi-dimensional appearance.

Castellation cladding can be installed horizontally or vertically and due to it’s visually appealing look.

The main benefit of composite cladding is the delivery of superior advantages over traditional solutions like timber and cement cladding. It offers versatility and can resemble popular timber favourites like spotted gum, Shou Sugi Ban, and Brown Oak and without the downsides and maintenance of timber. Our cladding is cost-effective and lets you instantly transform your exteriors and enhance your aesthetics while enjoying the benefits of a sustainable and durable product. 

Composite timber cladding is the ultimate solution for exterior walls for both residential and commercial applications. Our composite cladding is the perfect addition for an attractive architectural feature to your project.

It is UV resistant making it long lasting with virtually no maintenance, making the choice to go with a composite timber-look cladding for your exterior façade an easy one.

Doors + Window Features



    • Ideal as a servery window

    • Ergonomic and easy-to-use handle

    • Wide openings invite fresh air into your XTRA Space

    • Effortless operation 

    • Anti-lift safeguards prevent manipulation of sashes from the outside

    • Easy-to-clean wide track that can fit most vacuum heads

    • Curtain-friendly design protects window furnishings from damage

    • High-quality seals provides superior protection against the elements



    • Ergonomic and easy-to-use handle

    • Night latch locks the sliding door from the inside without a key

    • Effortless operation with high-performance, adjustable rollers

    • Easy-to-clean wide track that can fit most vacuum heads

    • Curtain-friendly design protects door furnishings from damage

    • High-quality door seals provide superior protection against the elements

Additional Benefits Of Glass Sliding Doors And Windows

1. Space is saved with glass sliding doors due to operating without a hinge – they simply glide along a track instead of swinging open. This means that no extra space is required for the door arc because they simply open up by one door sliding over another panel.

2. Natural light is emitted into your room as a sliding door has extra large panes of glass that run from the top to the bottom of each door panel. This design maximises any natural light, ensuring that you can enjoy floodlit interiors throughout the day.

3. Easy access is provided by a glass sliding door moving easily on their rails – to open these doors, you need to gently push them aside and they will glide open. This offers easy access to the outdoor areas, which is especially useful during the hot summer months.

4. Indoor/outdoor flow is abundant with sliding doors, it is made easy by bringing the outdoors inside by creating a seamless flow between your homes outdoor area into your indoor. Since sliding doors have large glass panes, they offer all-year-round views of your garden landscape and panoramic views beyond.

5. Style is a bonus as with glass sliding doors an elegant aesthetic is added to any space. They provide a sleek and simple look that harmonises with most architectural styles, as well as being an incredibly functional and practical design that maximises natural light.