Advantages and use cases for a Tiny Home On Wheels

An Inexpensive Housing Option

For about the price of a traditional house deposit, you can own a tiny home and place it in an ideal setting. And if you were to build an off grid version, you could be debt free and bill free, imagine the freedom of not having to find the money each month to pay a mortgage and a bunch of bills. 

Additional dwellings

Expand your living space by adding a separate dwelling on your property, accommodating guests or providing privacy for family members

Granny Flats

Create a cozy and independent living space for aging parents or loved ones, ensuring their comfort and proximity.

Rental Accommodations

AirBnB: Enter the booming hospitality industry by offering a unique and charming Tiny House as a vacation rental, captivating guests with its allure.

Temporary Housing

Whether it’s during home renovations or a transitional phase, Tiny Houses provide a convenient and comfortable temporary living solution.

Office / Studio / Pool Room

Designate a dedicated space for work, creativity, or leisure, maxamizing productivity and enhancing personal pursuits.

Holiday Mobile Home

Embrace the freedom of travel by owning a mobile Tiny House, enabling you to explore different destinations while having the comforts of home.

Mobile Retail Business

Set up a mobile shop or business, captivating customers with a compact and versatile retail space that can be easily transported.

University / High School Students

Provide a practical and cost-effective housing option for students, offering independence and convenience near educational institutions.

Farm / Rural Accommodation

Create a rustic and sustainable dwelling on your farm or rural property, providing a comfortable haven amidst nature’s embrace.

Relief Accommodation

In times of emergencies or natural disasters, Tiny Houses can serve as temporary shelters, offering a safe haven for those in need.